Historical Background

Historical Background

1965: İstanbul-based Makyol is founded by Saffet Çebi.

1976: The firm is reorganized as a joint-stock company.

1980: The company undertakes the construction of the Çerkezmüsellim Irrigation Dam in Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu.

1981: The company begins work on three projects: The Tekirdağ-Malkara Turnoff Şarköy Road Excavation, Artistic Structures, and Superstructure project; the İstanbul Ring Road (Uzunçayır Junction Söğütlüçeşme Extension) Asphalting project; and the İstanbul-Silivri-Çayırdere Irrigation Dam Construction project.

1982: The company continues working on the Yeşilköy-Büyükçekmece (Double) Road Infrastructure, the Gelibolu-Eceabat Road Infrastructure, and the European Highway I, II Mechanical and Cement Stabilization Works projects.

1983: The company undertakes the Kırklareli Ring Road Art Structures, Infrastructure, and Superstructure Works, the Tekirdağ-Malkara-Yaylagöne Irrigation Dam Construction, and the Tekirdağ-Hayrabolu-Karakavak Irrigation Dam Construction projects.

1984: Makyol signs the contract for the construction of the Mahmutbey Junction-Atatürk Airport Connection Road.

1985: Work begins on the construction of the Edirne-Meriç-Küçükaltıağaç Köyü Irrigation Dam.

1987: Unfinished construction work on the "E type" prison in Kırklareli is completed.

1989: Makyol successfully completes and delivers a project for three agricultural water supply reservoirs that it undertakes in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (Kyrenia Geçitköy-Dağdere-Karşıyaka).

1990: Makyol undertakes the construction of the Avcılar-Haramidere Junction Road at a project value of USD 97 million. It is followed by two more highway construction projects the same year: the Hoşdere-Hadımköy Junction Road (USD 72 million) and the Haliç-Kağıthane Access Road (USD 33 million).

1993: New highway construction projects join the portfolio: the Kavacık-Beykoz Access Road (USD 181 million) and the Beyciler-Çerkezköy Access Road (USD 127 million).

1995: Makyol completes construction of the İstanbul Carrefour Hypermarket at a project value of USD 36 million.

1997: Makyol is a member of a joint venture that is awarded the contract for the construction of the Çayeli-Ardeşen-Hopa Section (including the Çayeli Bypass) of the Black Sea Motorway.

The total project value is USD 874 million. The same year, the company also undertakes the Çorlu Bridge Junction (TEM Highway)-Çorlu Connection project at a contract value of USD 257 million.

1998: While the company continues to perform successfully in highway construction, new large-scale projects join the portfolio. Makyol is awarded the contract for the Suruç-Şanlıurfa Section of the Gaziantep-Urfa Highway at a project value of USD 240 million and the contract for the construction of the Derinkuyu-Gölcük Section of the Ankara-Pozantı Highway (USD 150 million) as a JV. The same year, the company undertakes the construction of the Trakya Motorway Turnoff-Kırklareli-Dereköy-Aziziye Bulgarian Border Road (contract value USD 61 million) and completes the Esenler-Metris Access Road (USD 135 million). 2000: An important milestone is passed in Makyol's corporate history when the company undertakes its first project outside Turkey: the construction of the Qukes-Qafe Road in Albania.

2003: New international ventures continue and the next stop is North Africa where Makyol signs contracts worth a total of USD 350 million in Morocco that call for the construction of 4 roads and motorways. The same year, the company completes the construction of the İstanbul Mövenpick Hotel (USD 35 million) and carries out the repair and maintenance of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge (İstanbul).

2004: Makyol undertakes construction of the Hawler International Airport in Northern Iraq at a project value of USD 372 million as a JV.

2005: The company authors another first by successfully completing the construction of the Bursa-Yenişehir Airport (USD 139 million).

2006: Makyol begins construction of the Makyol Etiler Project (MEP), a project with a contract value of Euro 105 million.

The rapid growth and development of recent years continue without letup. Makyol begins repair work on the PAT Areas of Antalya Airport (USD 18 million) and as a JV on the construction of the Dolmabahçe-Dolapdere-Piyale Paşa-Kağıthane Tunnels, an İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality project that will greatly relieve the city's chronic traffic congestion. (USD 115 million).

Another İstanbul road project that Makyol is currently undertaking is the Beyoğlu Piyale Paşa Bulvarı Baruthane Caddesi Junction.

In 2006 Makyol was awarded the contract for the marina in Kaş on Turkey's Mediterranean on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis. The company is also undertaking a project as a JV with IHI-Japan, a worldwide leading constructor, to reinforce viaducts and bridges on both side of İstanbul to make them more resilient to seismic risk.

2007: Construction of the Bodrum Mövenpick Resort (contract value USD 20 million) is completed and the hotel begins operations. Two projects undertaken in Morocco are also successfully completed: The Tétouan M'diq Motorway (USD 39 million) and the RN2 Section of the Tangier Port Oued R'mel Motorway (EUR 67 million).

The same year Makyol adds another first to its record when the joint venture of which it is a member is awarded the EUR 316 million contract for the IV. Levent-Ayazağa Section of Phase III of the İstanbul Metro project.
In its "Top International Contractors" league table for 2007 published in the United States, Engineering News Record (ENR) ranks Makyol 141st among the world's leading 150 international contracting firms.

2008: Makyol continues to make progress with the same momentum. Early in the year the company begins work on three separate projects worth a total of EUR 60 million under the East-West Motorway Construction project in Algeria. Another important project award the same year is the Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Completion and Electromechanical Systems Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning project (EUR 751 million) in İstanbul. The latter project is undertaken as a joint venture with Astaldi and Gülermak.

The same year, work begins on the Highway Fulya-Levazım Tunnel and the Zorlu Center Excavation and Sheeting projects.

In its "Top International Contractors" league table for 2008, Engineering News Record (ENR) ranks Makyol 144th among the world's leading international contracting firms and 10th among Turkish construction companies.

2009 "Gebze-Izmir Highway project", was awarded to MAKYOL as the second BOT project which MAKYOL is one of the main funders.

2010 Many significant projects were completed in Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, as well as in Turkey;

"Black sea Coastal Road / Turkey
East-West Highway and Construction of Major Structures / Algeria
Erbil Altin kopru Road /Iraq
Batinah Coastal Road / Oman"

"Batinah Coastal Road" is the first project in Oman that Makyol was awarded.

2011 Makyol makes a great advancement with major road, viaduct and tunnel projects

"Antalya - Kemer - Tekirova Road -Çamdağ & Akyarlar Tunnels / Turkey
Casablanca – Rabat Highway / Morocco
East –West Highway and Viaducts (OA231, OA232 & OA235) / Algeria
Beyoğlu – Kasımpaşa – Hasköy Blvd. Road Rehabilitation Project/ Turkey"

"New İstanbul Development Project / Turkey"  was also completed in this year.

2012 "Construction of Ikizdere- Ispir Road- Ovit Tunnel and its connection roads" was awarded which includes the construction of Ovit Tunnel that is the 3rd longest tunnel of Europe

2013 Airport projects together with tunnel and viaduct projects were awarded;

"Duhok International Airport/Iraq
Boğaziçi ve Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges Structural Reinforcement and Repair/Turkey
Istanbul-Sile-Ağva Road Construction/Turkey
Antalya - Ibradi Tunnels and Connection Roads/ Turkey
Ataturk Airport Runway-Apron-Taxiway Construction /Turkey"

2014 MAKYOL, moves onward and makes progress with new projects; 

"East-West Highway – Oran Port 26 km Connection Highway and 08 km 1. Section Construction Works/Algeria"
"Casablanca Bouskoura River flood protection works/Morocco"