Mission, Vision and Factors for Success

Makyol's mission is to contribute towards Turkey's growth and development through the prestige projects that it undertakes while also creating added value for customers, employees, and society as a whole by means of such projects.

Makyol's vision is to grow and create more employment as a company that delivers service at world standards of quality in national and international markets. To this end, Makyol's goal is to rank among the top 100 companies in the ENR list in the international arena and among the top three companies in the Turkish construction industry by virtue of the specialized projects that it undertakes.

Factors for success
The factors which play a key role in Makyol's activities and which shape all of its corporate actions are its strategy, its competent human resources, its innovativeness and its long-term vision.

Makyol has a strategy that is straightforward and simple. Makyol's strategy is based on producing, growing, specializing, and creating value through "building". A series of factors underlie this strategy: the added value that we create for our stakeholders, the high-quality service that we deliver to our customers, the safe and secure working environment that we provide our employees, and the appealing and beneficial projects that we carry out for people...

Our team and their competencies
The individual and collective competencies of our team are the fundamental elements that make Makyol what it is and guarantee its continuity. Employing professionals and technical personnel who are experts in their fields, Makyol distinguishes itself by virtue of the quality of the human resources it can call on.

Our innovativeness
Deep-rooted, solid, and firmly committed to its past, Makyol is also a company that is innovative and open to change. Makyol keeps continuously abreast of technical and managerial innovations in its sector and adapts them to its service delivery processes quickly and effectively.

Our long-term view
For Makyol, genuine success is sustainable performance whose benefits are reaped in the long term. The principal corporate objective of the company is to be a trademark that is synonymous with reliability and endurance while strongly advancing into the future.