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Makyol is a strong organization employing a competent team of nearly 3,000 people in activities ranging from design to marketing and from programming to logistics in Turkey and other countries.

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Human resources are foremost among a company's most fundamental assets. Makyol believes that human resources play an utmost important role in achieving customer happiness and satisfaction as well as its own sustainable growth targets.

The objective of Makyol's human resources policy is to enable its employees to develop their own personal and professional competencies while strengthening their loyalty to the company through high motivation. In the recruitment of new personnel, a fundamental hiring policy is to take on professionals with an eye on specializations.

How do I apply for a job?
To make a general job application all you need to do is fill out a job applicant form and submit it.

Job applications remain on the active list for six months and after that they are moved to the passive list where they remain against the possibility that positions can't be filled from the active list. Those whose applications have been put on the passive list are informed immediately when there is a need and their applications are reconsidered in light of current conditions.

I'm not a university graduate. Can I still work for Makyol?
Makyol's hiring policy is based on the principle of "Put the right person in the right job". That means that the company needs people with many different qualifications according to the requirements of different positions. Education is just one of those criteria.

How do I apply for a trainee position?
Check out the announcements about trainee position vacancies on our website and apply for from there.

I left a CV but never received any response. How can I find out what happened?
An application that you submit via our website for a position that you think is suitable for you is included in our recruiting process after it has been checked to see whether or not the applicant's qualifications are suitable for the requirements of the position.

Your opinions are important to us.
The opinions, ideas, and suggestions of visitors to your website like yourself are very important to us.

Makyol believes that taking constructive criticism into account is a method that lights the path of continuous development. For this reason, you may send your opinions to company management using the communication form.

Thank you for sharing your views with us.