Human Resources


As Makyol Construction, we believe that the role of human resources is very important for us to achieve our sustainable and stable growth targets along with customer happiness and satisfaction. When we make our employment decisions in line with our values ​​and deep-rooted corporate culture, we adopt the principle of making assessments in line with the competencies required by the job and the performance and potentials of employees and without making any discrimination among the employees in all other Human Resources processes. We rely upon the diversity obtained from different experiences, cultures and ideas of our team that respects and trusts each other, and we believe that these qualifications constitute our success.


The Human Resources Policy of our Company is to ensure that our employees work with high motivation by developing their competencies, and to create a reliable working environment and corporate culture that is also embraced by our business partners.

The Human Resources Policy and Practices are implemented in accordance with the following principles, and match with the goal of Makyol to become a preferred business partner:

  • To move our company forward in line with our competitive advantage principle and strategic goals,
  • To select Human Resources among the people that have high development potential, qualifications suitable for the job and adopt and live the corporate values,
  • To ensure the sustainability of a working environment culture where all employees feel valued and respected, and where they can contribute by exerting the best efforts, in order to ensure that our employees adopt the values ​​of our Company,
  • To encourage employees to work in the best interests of our Company in line with the principles of efficiency and profitability and in accordance with the principles of ethical values ​​and ethical behavior,
  • To aim at benefiting from internal human resources of our Company in order to meet the needs and accordingly, use external resources efficiently after making sure that a vacant position is impossible to be filled by an employee of Makyol,
  • To follow up new developments in Human Resources management and to assess and implement them in accordance with the needs of our Company,
  • To review, update and improve the Human Resources Policy continuously.


We provide our employees with internal and external trainings in accordance with the needs and desired improvement targets of the employees to ensure continuous development and increase employee motivation, keep the knowledge and competency level of our employees at the level of world standards and increase our competitive power in the global markets.

Through the training activities that we offer to our employees, we aim to:

  • Ensure the adaptation of our new employees to the job as soon as possible,
  • Provide the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve corporate goals,
  • Contribute to the development of management and leadership styles by increasing the responsibilities of employees.

All career opportunities and paths including the highest management positions are open to our employees, who can combine their knowledge and experience with the use of technology, and create a difference and added value by improving themselves continuously.


With our performance management, we aim to integrate our organizational goals with the personal goals of the employees, support personal success, increase the success of the organization, assess the contribution of all employees to achieving the organizational goals with a fair, systematic and measurable method, increase the loyalty of the employees to the organization by identifying their expectations, and increase the productivity of the workforce by creating a motivating working environment.

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