IMM Waste Incineration and Energy Generation Plant

The plant will consist of three same incineration lines and has been designed to serve 8,000 hours per year uninterruptedly. The steam obtained from the heat of the wastes incinerated by the Grid system will be fed to the Steam Turbine; this turbine will generate approximately 78 MWh of electrical energy. This energy will supply all internal needs of the plant, and the residual electrical energy will be supplied to the national network.

Flue Gases that will be treated by the state-of-the-art Flue Gas Treatment System to be used in the plant will be constantly monitored and recorded by the ‘‘Continuous Emission Measurement’’ system in accordance with the European Standards. In this way, 3,000 tons of waste per day will be disposed to prevent environmental pollution.

Characteristics of the Plant:

  • The biggest domestic waste incineration plant in Europe with its 3,000 tons/day capacity.
  • The first domestic waste incineration plant in Turkey.
  • Electrical needs of 1,400,000 people will be met.
  • The plant ensures saving of approximately 100 hectares of storage space.
  • 15% of the domestic wastes generated in Istanbul will be disposed of based on the incineration method.
  • Odor problem will not occur.
  • Rubbish transport costs will be reduced.
  • Possibility to treat all kinds of domestic solid wastes without need for any pre-treatment.
  • Emission values of this state-of-the-art plant will be below the European Union limits.
  • It will contribute to the closing of the energy gap of Turkey.
  • Turkey
  • Construction
  • 2017

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