Kaş Marina

The marina is designed for investment for 472 yachts. Construction period for the project is 18 months and operating period is 25 years. The Kaş Marina currently has 7 floating docks in addition to its mooring areas. In addition to breakwater and existing docks, the marina has the capacity to accommodate about 450 yachts safely, however the demand for mooring and related services can exceed this number during summer season.
The marina also has a special dock set aside for mega-class luxury yachts. In terms of their size and the availability of technical functions, the slip areas are among the most important ones in the region. The marina eliminates the lack of marina services along the coast between Fethiye and Kemer while serving the sailing routes along southern shore of Turkey shore to extend eastwards of Fethiye.
The marina inspires and makes it possible for yachtsmen to discover and create new routes along the coast and bring additional vigor to our country's tourism industry. With its fully-equipped marina services and social facilities, Kaş Marina became a major port of call. The marina also includes a yacht club as well as restaurants, sports facilities, and shops.

  • Turkey
  • Construction, Concession
  • 2008

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